Six Keys To Harmony Vol 2


Volume 2 “Finding Effective Solutions”

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Ed Dabney’s Six Keys to Harmony Volume 2
is available for pre-orders for
shipment in September:
“Finding Effective Solutions”.

This is a 2 disk set.

Internationally acclaimed clinician Ed Dabney works through problem issues
with horses using his “Six Keys to Harmony” exercises.

You’ll see in detail how the teaching and consistent use of these essential
exercises can help you find your solutions to overcome problem issues with your horse. You’ll also gain valuable insight into the principles and thought processes Ed employs while first working with resistant or challenging horses.

Some of the challenges that you’ll see presented and solved in this video include:

  • The dominant, disrespectful horse
  • The inattentive horse
  • The pushy horse (invades your space)
  • The over- reactive horse
  • Testing of limits and bounds
  • Horse balks when led
  • Poor gait transitions; too much or not enough forward energy

You’ll learn how to work through problems, how to develop impeccable ground manners resulting in a respectful, thinking and willing horse, how to increase your horse’s coordination for precise and fluid movements, and how to establish successful communication, leadership and trust with your horse. With the methods shown on this DVD your horse will learn to be more respectful, attentive, supple, and athletic.

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