Foundation Training demonstrates safe and proven, step-by-step methods for bringing an untrained horse from the first human touch all the way to riding in a snaffle bit at all gaits. Condensed from over 20 hours of footage, you’ll see Ed work with a number of young horses from the first touch.

These gentle techniques work with the horse’s nature, presenting ideas to the horse in a way he can understand and accept.

This systematic training program is not just for colt starting. It is also very useful for problem solving or retraining with older horses.

“I know the methods demonstrated here will be helpful to you in developing safe, respectful and confident horses.”

These systematic, easy-to-understand methods work with any horse to help you develop a calm, trustworthy and confident partner for years to come.

2-Disc Set – $69.95
Running Time: 2 hrs 51 minutes

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